Football season is upon us! The first thing that usually comes to one’s mind is food – and not just any kind of food – we’re talking delectable appetizers, the ones that are finger-food-ready and catered to the guest you’re hosting.

Before one starts to freak out at the mass amount of works that needs to be done when it comes time to plan your appetizer party, we must start somewhere: Step 1.

How Do You Plan Your Appetizer Party?

First step: do not fret! Executive One South Florida catering has all the needs and answers to this question. Being a hands-on catering service in Palm Beach, Executive One starts at the beginning. What appetizers do you want to serve?

Vegetable spring rolls? Satay beef? Quiche with spinach? These are just a few that can be ordered from our website, if you’re looking for an easier way to plan your appetizer party. Expert chefs handcraft each bite, to fit perfectly not just into your belly, but also to your dietary and health needs.

Step two: a problem arises in the air. The guests you are hosting are vegan – and not just that, but gluten free AND kosher. With no idea where to start on how to fulfill the needs of your guests, Executive One offers an array of dishes from kosher, gluten free, and vegan/vegetarian.

Step three begins and with a simple click on the website, because step two is already answered.

So, to all the vegan and gluten free folks out there, Executive One has solved the issue for you with dishes such as, vegetarian Vietnamese subs, featuring sautéed mushrooms, fresh cucumbers, scallions, pickled carrots, white radishes, cilantro, and a finish of hoisin sauce.

Now that the food is ordered, and the guest are arriving, sit back, turn on the game, and commence your big game day appetizer party!

For all your South Florida catering needs, you can count on Executive One Catering. Contact us today to plan your appetizer party.