Corporate Party Planning Checklist

Plan Your Corporate Party the Right Way!

When it comes to planning a company party or event, it’s important that you’re organized and ready to tackle the challenge. Corporate party planning is something to take seriously. At Executive One Catering, a Palm Beach catering service, we’ve taken the time to create a corporate event planning checklist for you to follow. Whether you’re providing a high-end catering menu or throwing a potluck, this checklist will make planning your corporate event easier.


Before the Party

  • Identify the dates and let employees know. Regardless of the chosen date, someone may not be able to attend. You can minimize those unable to attend when mentioning the possible dates and listening to opinions from your employees.
  • Look into a corporate catering service. Search for an office catering company that best suits your needs, and make sure the cost is in your budget. Executive One Catering has everything you need, from dinner party catering to hors d’oeuvres.
  • Add deadlines to calendars and invitations. Establishing times and dates when people must RSVP and such will keep you on track.


Advertising for the Party

  • Develop a promotional strategy. Do some PR, such as calendar notices and press releases.
  • Establish a theme and graphics. Corporate parties are great ways to enhance your brand.
  • Guest speakers. If you’re bringing in a speaker, make sure they’re knowledgeable in your niche. Once your speaker is identified, you can use them as a key advertising point to encourage more people to come listen to them.


Food and Drinks for the Party

  • At the very least, your corporate event should serve refreshments and finger foods. If it’s in your budget, hire a catering service. It’s worth it when your employees are being waited on and there’s a high-end catering menu to choose from. With a corporate catering service, you won’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to food and drinks.


The Day of the Party – Check off the Following. You should use this checklist twice – once during the before the party phase, and again during the day of the event.









___Table Candy

___Table Games

___Glitter or Confetti

___Bathroom Florals


Giveaways and Prizes



___Theme Oriented Items

___Premiums Items with Company Logo



___Photographer ___Videographer


___Casual ___Dressy Casual ___Dressy ___Optional

___Gift Table

___Information Table


Out of Town Guests

___Hotel Reservations

___Weekend-at-a-Glance or Itinerary

___Maps to/from Airport and Other Locations

___Welcome Gifts, Totes, Baskets




___Sign-in Board

___Message Book


___Welcome Sign

___Entrance Piece at Door

___Band Backdrop

___Balloon Bouquets

___Buffets – Decor

___Buffets – Signage

___Outside Lobby Area

___Sign Over Seating Cards

___Directional Signage


___Company Display




___Band Type__________________

___Music During Cocktails

___Photo favors

___Roasts ___Toasts

___Audio/Visual Needs