Dessert Catering for Home or Office

Catered Desserts are Better Desserts

One of the things people tend to remember the most about get-togethers, parties, and other events is unarguably the food. Food is a huge staple to any event, and good food, especially the dessert, is remembered. Most parties or socials end with a nice big cake, and some end with small pastries. If you’re looking for something different, something more to savor, the high-end catering menu from Executive One Catering, a South Florida catering service, is sure to satisfy.


Why Use a Corporate Catering Service for Dessert?

For your next gathering, wedding, social event, office party, and everything in between, Executive One Catering offers the best high quality dessert catering. Whether you’re looking for something big, small, or handmade, you can find it within our high-end catering menu.

We offer an endless selection of sweet treats and desserts that are sure to impress your guests. With desserts like puddings, pies, cupcakes, and more, your guests’ cravings for dessert will be satisfied and memorable.

Catered dessert is guaranteed to draw a crowd, and having a selection of professionally baked and whipped up goods is something everyone will enjoy. People love dessert, and providing them with multiple options is just the icing on the cake – no pun intended. A South Florida catering service like Executive One Catering agrees that each and every person attending has different tastes. The host wouldn’t want to make the mistake of baking tons of chocolate cupcakes when half of the attendees would rather enjoy a plate full of fruit. A dessert table that’s catered contains a selection of different fruits, cakes, and pastries to provide choices to all those present.


How to Order Catered Dessert

When it comes to ordering dessert plates and platters for your guests, Executive One Catering suggests ordering about two to three selections per person attending. This not only allows for some buffer room in decision making, but also provides a generous portion for the biggest sweet tooth at the party. If you have any leftovers, we can assure that someone will be happy enough to take some home for their own personal late night stash in their refrigerator.


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Executive One Catering offers a wide selection of dessert catering options in Broward, Dade, Palm Beach, and Martin County. You name it and we’ll deliver it! We work with you to customize your menu for your occasion with our high-end catering menu. Whether it’s a holiday party, a special occasion, or just a late night at the office, we offer quality, fresh, delectable desserts that are sure to end the night on the right note.