Being one of the newest and fasting growing tools in the food industry, online ordering is continually gaining traction, especially for those working their 9-5 office jobs. Online ordering for corporate catering has completely changed not only the way we place our orders, but the productivity in offices overall. Executive One Catering, your premier catering service in Palm Beach, offers quick order catering right at your fingertips.

Delivered Presentable, Right to Your Door

When you place an order with your catering service in Palm Beach, you can simply request a time for when you want your items to be delivered. We have everything from platters to formal silver-service for any of your corporate catering needs, and nothing beats delivery.


The Convenience Factor

Schedules shifting is a real thing, and deadlines can come faster than we expect them to. With quick order corporate catering, there’s no need to leave the office for lunch, and rush back to return to your important duties. Saving time is a major convenience factor when it comes to having lunch catered right to the office.


It Helps Increase Productivity, and Morale

Once your staff feels as if they’re appreciated for all their hard work, they’re much more willing to put in the effort required to keep a business afloat. You can ensure that all employees are well fed, regardless of their said shifting schedules and upcoming deadlines. Corporate catering is a great way to recognize your employees for their jobs well done.
Team lunches also increase morale, and allow for some casual midday bonding, not to mention at no cost to them.

If you’ve yet to check out our quick order menus, we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner options for corporate catering. Contact Executive One Catering when you’re in need of a swift, reliable catering service in Palm Beach.