Dinner Catering in South Florida


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Corporate Catered Dinners

Executive one catering offers dinner catering services in south Florida that are sure to please your employees during a celebratory or special-occasion dinner. If you’re seeking dinner catering services in South Florida, call Executive One Catering today. We deliver the highest quality, freshest food to those in the following counties: St. Lucie, Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach.

Corporate Dinners for any Occasion

There’s never a bad time to boost morale and call-in a catered dinner for your employees. Make it easier on everyone at the office. Whether it’s an extended work day and your team needs some fuel, or a special occasion for your company, leave the work to us. We can deliver to your desired location, at your desired time.

  • Late night at the office
  • Celebratory dinner
  • Special occasion dinner
  • Office holiday party

Hassle-Free Corporate Dinner Catering, Delivered on Time!

Our Miami dinner catering services are delivered at a time pre-determined by you to flow seamlessly with your event. Work with one of our corporate catering coordinators to determine your set menu and the perfect time, and we’ll arrive with a delicious presentation for your office to enjoy. We always include added materials to make your catered dinner easier. We also make sure to accommodate dietary restrictions, such as Kosher, Organic, and Gluten free, just ask!

Customized for Your Occasion

Executive One Catering offers a wide selection of dinner catering options in Broward, Dade, Palm Beach, and Martin county, ranging from Italian, Cuban, Mexican, American, or even Barbeque, you name it and we’ll deliver it! We work with you to customize your menu for your occasion – whether it’s an office holiday party, a special occasion, or just a late night at the office, we offer quality, fresh, hot meals that are sure to please.

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Call us today. Our chefs are excited to prepare fresh meals for you.