How to Create a Wedding Catering Menu

Decorated table for a wedding reception. Catering is an important part of weddings.

Finding a Caterer

To fulfill your wants and needs can be hard, but it can become difficult when you are on a strict budget. Thinking beyond the classic white sheet menu and banquet food. You want to stand out, you want guest to remember your magical day and by that, we mean thinking back to the mouth-watering lobster bisque you ate. Find a catering company who offers delectable options that will fit the tastes of all your guests.


Hassle-Free Dining

This should be the next step in the process. With all the stress the revolves around the wedding, what to serve on one of the most important days of your life can be tough and stressful. Where to order from can be a headache. Considering all the caterers available in your area, Executive One starts with food that’s fresh and local, and really stresses the importance of hassle-free dining.


Presentation is Everything

Not only do you want your food to taste good, but people eat with their eyes first. You want the food on your wedding catering menu to stand out and to be Insta-worthy, for that local food page you like to follow. Executive One has handcrafted bites to full sized dinners, such as Penne Alla Vodka or Tilapia Piccata.


Don’t Try to Please Everyone

Everyone has something they like, and you will have guests who dislike fish and only eat meat. The most important detail in creating a catering wedding menu is don’t try to please everyone. Do what you want, know what you love, and don’t be afraid to take risks. After all, this your day and your moment to shine, the day it about you and your significant other.


Have Another Dessert in Addition to Cake

Have an array of options like cookies, mini cupcakes, or even catered ice cream sundae bar on your wedding catering menu. Your wedding cake is for you to remember, but having other options open leaves room for your guests to decide what they want to eat.



Know what type of design palette for your wedding catering menu that you want for your guests to read. Before you go ahead and put that order in for your catering service, you should type the menu out, so you can see it as a visual, as well as how your guests will see it on your special day.