Perfect homemade tamales are easy to make, and even more rewarding to eat. Although the process may look intimidating, it most definitely is not! Executive One, a full-service catering service in Palm Beach, shares a step by step process and perfect recipe on how to make tamales.



  • 1 package dried corn husks
  • 4 cups masa harina
  • Corn oil
  • 3 cups chicken, beef, or vegetable stock
  • 1 cup lard
  • 1 tablespoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Pepper
  • Ground cumin
  • Water
  • Tamale filling – chicken, beef, pork, refried beans, cheese, veggies, or anything you please



For the corn husks:

  1. Soak dried corn husks in bowl of hot water, use something to keep them submerged for at least two hours.
  2. When ready to make tamales, drain water from corn husks.


For the masa:

  1. Mix masa harina, salt, baking powder, lard, and broth until the batter is light and fluffy.


To assemble tamales:

  1. Using a spoon, spread the masa over the corn husk.
  2. Add the tamale filling, fold, and add to a steamer filled with 2-3 inches of water
  3. Cover, and bring to a boil
  4. Reduce heat, and simmer for 2 ½ hours, adding water if necessary
  5. Tamales are ready when they can be removed easily from the husk
  6. Allow tamales to stand for 10-15 minutes
  7. Serve warm
  8. Enjoy!


For the recipe above, our gourmet catering service in Palm Beach covers more than just the traditional way on how to make tamales. With pork cooked in a red chili sauce typically being the traditional way to make homemade tamales, we’ve given you instructions to steam them and give it a little Executive One twist.

We hope your tamales come out fantastic! But if they don’t, you can always count on our South Florida catering company to save the day with our top notch catering and delicious meals!