Meetings are a necessity for companies in any industry, but that doesn’t mean that all meetings have to be the same. At Executive One Catering, we’re here to shake up what it means to have a productive office meeting. Our corporate caterers know that meetings are an investment when it comes to company time, so it’s important to make sure that any meeting is as productive as possible. We’ve put together some tips for helping you make the most of your meetings.


Get Organized


It’s important to make sure that everything is organized for your upcoming meeting. This means getting all the material in order, along with ensuring employees have the necessary tools for taking proper notes during the meeting.


Define the Goal


Every meeting has a goal, and it’s important to outline this goal before the meeting begins. This way, you’re able to conduct all aspects of the office meeting in pursuit of this goal. If there are several goals in mind, make sure to outline them in the proper order of addressing.


Get it Catered


No matter the duration of your meeting, catering can be a great idea! At Executive One Catering, we offer all types of office catering. Any meeting can be enhanced with our lunch, dinner, snacks, or breakfast catering. When you serve food at your meeting, you’re rewarding employees for their diligence while preventing interruptions in your meeting.


Don’t Forget Beverages


In addition to food, make sure you’re keeping everyone hydrated during your office meeting. Our office catering specialists can bring all the drinks you need for your meeting. We provide water, soda, coffee, and more!


Summarize the Meeting


Before adjourning your meeting, make sure to offer a short and sweet summary of everything that’s been covered. A summary can help reinforce important topics, ensuring everyone gains the right knowledge from the meeting.


At Executive One Catering, we offer office catering to help enhance your meeting. No matter the time of day, we can provide delicious dishes to keep your meeting on track. We provide beverages, serving utensils, napkins, plates, and dining utensils as well. With our catering services, you can have a productive meeting. Call us today to get started!