What’s Trending in the Office Kitchen this Summer?

Gone are the days of boring brown bag lunches and wilted salads. Today’s office kitchens are brimming with new foods that combine creativity, flavor, and healthy ingredients. At Executive One Catering, our team specializes in corporate catering for Miami businesses of all sizes and styles. We know that today’s trending foods are the most popular choices on our menu. Below are some of our favorite 2018 summer food trends you’ll be seeing in the office kitchen.


Gut-Friendly Foods

Today, people are looking for foods that help with digestion. This includes fermented foods such as kimchi, which is proven to help with digestive health. Even when searching for breakfast catering in Miami, many people are looking for something with a gut-friendly feature. Our Build Your Own Yogurt bar is a popular choice from our Miami breakfast catering menu. Thanks to the natural probiotics found in yogurt, this is a gut-friendly office option.


Protein Loaded Veggies

Another trend is to choose veggies over meat. This isn’t to say that office kitchens are devoid of necessary proteins. Instead, many people are opting for protein from other sources when choosing their corporate catering in Miami. This includes beans, peas, kale, spinach, and mushrooms. Many of our lunch and dinner dishes are packed with these protein-heavy veggies.


Comfort Food

Mousse, foams, flavor pearls, gel sheets – food has gotten really strange these days. As restaurant menus grow more complex, many people are looking to simplify things. At Executive One Catering, we get it. Many people are simply looking for some delicious comfort food for their office. Our corporate catering service menu includes all of your favorites, such as BBQ or tacos.


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