Eating breakfast improves concentration and memory throughout the day, with a boost in brain power first thing in the morning. Here at Executive One Catering, your premier catering services in Palm Beach, understand the importance of breakfast, especially in the workplace.


Catered Breakfast Syncs Schedules, and Energy Levels

Having corporate catering for breakfast is a great way to kick off the workday. If the first half hour of the workday is dedicated to your employees consuming a balanced breakfast, everyone is likely to return to their desks and begin their work efficiently. Energy levels will also be on the rise, as everyone will be fed and happy around the same time. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is shown to increase concentration, focus, and energy. It’s a great way to charge your employees and get them ready for the day ahead of them.


Catered Breakfast Helps to Build Connections Amongst Coworkers

Upon arriving to work with a catered meal in front of them, employees will start to communicate, interact, and form relationships with their coworkers while gathering their breakfast picks. The bonding aspect of a company breakfast allows for conversations between people who wouldn’t normally interact throughout the workday.


Catered Breakfast Shows Your Appreciation

Providing food for your office goes a long way when it comes to increasing employee morale. Food makes people happy! Free breakfast provided by their employer ensures satisfaction and workplace happiness. It makes your employees feel more valued for the contribution you bring to the team. It’s a proven fact that employees feel appreciated when their employer provides them with food.

Offering catered breakfast to your staff is a perk that all your employees will appreciate. Choosing catering services in Palm Beach for your morning events can prove to provide the spark that your team needs to start their day off on the right foot.

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